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Anteater tongue/termites thumbnail image
Cut-away model of anteater tongue and termites inside mound
termite soldier model
termite worker model
A giant anteater has a tongue two feet long. Its tongue snakes into the mound’s tunnels through a hole dug with the anteater’s sharp, heavy claws. The soldier termites attack the tongue, sticking to it as the tongue flicks in and out. A few unlucky workers stick to the tongue also.
Scale: 1/1 & 5/1
Large-Scale Termites: Resin castings
Small-Scale Termites: Acid-etched brass
Tongue: Epoxy putty
Ground work: Polystyrene foam
Magnifier handle: Turned acrylic
Magnifier frame: Wall clock bezel
Magnifier lens: Optical illusion
Optical illusion: Convex groundwork
These termites, though for a different job, were made the same way as those in the model above. They started as photo-etched brass, were bent to shape using custom dies, then coated with clear finish to build up their forms and give the illusion they are translucent. Transparent paint completed the effect.
Scale: 1/1
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