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Schienenwolf thumbnail image
World War II Germans Destroying
Train Tracks with a Schienenwolf
A car coupled to the last engine out drags a wicked blade that rips right through solid oak railroad ties. You see the car from a low angle, watching the hooked blade as it . . . more
Retiarius and scissor thumbnail image
Roman Gladiators: Retiarius (net fighter)
vs. Scissor (cleaver)
The Retiarius has just snagged your scissor on his net, and is pulling you off balance, while jabbing his trident at you. You try to twist free, as you use your gladius to hack at the net and parry the trident . . . more
Steamship boiler room firemen thumbnail image
Boiler Room Firemen,
Late 19th Century
You are in the bottom of a powerful new steamship, shoveling coal into the firebox of a boiler. It's hot, dirty, exhausting work. The average temperature in this dusty, loud room is 110 degrees F . . . more

Longbowmen thumbnail image
Longbowmen with Fire Arrows,
14th Century
The fire arrows arc across the sky before they bury themselves in the castle's hoarding. Crossbow bolts smack into your shield as you rise up to shoot over the top. You shoot fast before the enemy can . . . more
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