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Ina diorama thumbnail
German World War 2 refugee returns home to rubble and wildflower
Scale: 1/7
Ina’s beloved home had been made of stone, with slate shingles. Seeing what was left after the bombers came was too much, so she spent weeks away, coping as well as she could. Now, with the war just over, she returns to find an early spring flower blooming in the remains of her favorite teapot.
Broken teapot in rubble with dandelion growing out of it
detail of worn out shoes in rubble
Figure: Polymer clay, epoxy putty
Fabric: Glue-soaked tissue paper
Teapot: Turned polymer clay
Stone blocks: Plaster
Slate shingles: polymer clay
Plaster lath: Wire mesh, plaster, wood
Dandelion: Altered dried flower
Sepals: Epoxy putty
Dandelion leaves: Heat-shaped polyethylene
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