5th NY Zouave knocked backward, 1/32 scale
Oyster toad fish in old paintcan, surrounded by teaming bay life
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Zouave thumbnail image
Scale: 1/1

This diorama shows the life that teams on, over and under an oyster bar. These animals can only be seen when under water. As soon as the tide goes out, they seem to vanish. Once the water rises, barnacle feet extend, sand builder worm heads pop out, ghost anemone tentacles emerge, and fanworm gills unfurl.

One female blue crab swims by a red beard sponge, while another has dug herself into the mud to lie in wait for unwary prey. An oyster toadfish resides in an old paint can, while a shoe hosts a small and varied community of its own.

Partially buried Blue crab, waiting to ambush prey
Skillet fish swimming by red beard sponge
Limy tube worms, fanworms, barnacles
Crabs: Polyurethane castings from molds of a real crab
Ghost anemones: Polyurethane castings
Oysters and barnacles: Real shells
Barnacle feet: Photo-etched brass, painted and clear-coated
Sandbuilder worm heads: Epoxy putty with photo-etched brass
Sandbuilder worm tubes: Copper tubing, covered with sand
Fanworm gills: Photo-etched brass
Sea Squirts: Tinted clear urethane embedment castings
Fishes: Epoxy putty with custom glass eyes and photo-etched fins
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