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A car coupled to the last engine out drags a wicked blade that rips right through solid oak railroad ties. You see the car from a low angle, watching the hooked blade as it destroys the track, the rails bending wildly as they are pushed aside by the violently splintering railroad ties. Even the car twists with the motion, threatening to derail with the force. At least one Schienenwolf had its rear wheels bolstered with wooden spacers, to prevent it derailing itself.

This invention, whose name means "railwolf" in German, was used by retreating Nazi troops as they made their way back from areas they had occupied. They made sure this way that no rail lines left behind would be usable to move war material to attack them.

These machines were remarkably efficient and could destroy track at a pace of about four miles per hour or better. The Schienenwolfen even worked on concrete railroad ties!

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