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Tamandua thumbnail image
Tamandua anteater mount in rainforest diorama
Close-up of tamandua diorama, with mural in background showing jaguar
Tamandua rainforest diorama close-up with attacking ants
This anteater is eating a few ants from a nest in a log in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. She will only stay briefly, both because the ants are fiercely biting to drive her off, and because a hungry jaguar has spotted her.
Tamandua: Taxidermy mount
Anchor: Steel rods anchored in urethane rubber
Ants: Photo-etched brass
Log and trunks: Carved polystyrene foam
Leaves: Polysilk plants, altered where needed
Moss: Painted sphagnum moss
Mural: Acrylic on MDO board
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Scale: Full