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Wheelwright diorama thumbnail
18th-century wheelwright driving spokes into wagon wheel, 1/20th scale
Scale: 1/20
The wheelwright swung a heavy maul called a beetle in an arc that went around in a complete circle, sometimes lifting him in the air as the heavy ironwood head hit the spoke. The spokes were so tight, they could not be dry-fitted. If they were not perfectly cut, they would split the hub when driven in.
Close-up of 18th-century wheelwright's face and arms, 1/20th scale
Close-up of 1/20th scale Conestoga wheel hub with spokes being driven in
Close-up of 18th-century wheelwright's arms and knees, 1/20th scale
Figure: Epoxy putty, lead foil
Armature: Brass angle, spring steel
Hub: Turned acrylic
Spokes: Cast urethane resin
Spoke gauge: Acrylic
Spoke gauge whalebone: Natural hair
Beetle: Cast urethane resin, brass
Iron hub bands: Brass
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