5th NY Zouave knocked backward, 1/32 scale
Detail of 5th NY Zouave equipment, 1/32scale
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Zouave thumbnail image
Scale: 1/32

This figure is loosely based on a veteran of the regiment that had fought with distinction for a year, most recently at the battle of Gaine’s Mill. Although faced with overwhelming odds, he stood his ground and was aiming his rifle before executing a fighting retreat. Just before firing, his rifle was shot out of his hands, and he was thrown backward and knocked unconscious.

The figure is fairly true to this account, except his rifle is hit by a second bullet, to help illustrate just how much lead was flying that day. Many men were hit multiple times, and the unit lost over sixty percent of its people in under fifteen minutes.

shattered Springfield rifle 1/32 scale
5th NY Zouave capbox 1/32 scale
Shattered Springfield rifle muzzle 1/32 scale
Figure and Uniform: Heavily modified commercial casting
“SNY” buckle: Commercial photo-etch
Hair: Epoxy putty
Hands: Cyanoacrylate glue over heavily re-posed casting
Tassel: 40 guage wire, cyanoacrylate glue
Rifle: Wood, stainless steel, brass, lead foil, cyanoacrylate glue
Bayonet: Spring steel, lead, cyanoacrylate glue
Bayonet Scabbard: Brass, lead foil
Cartridge Box: Epoxy putty, lead foil, steel wire
Cartridge box plate: Commercial casting
Cap Box: Lead, lead foil, brass wire button
Haversack: Epoxy putty, lead foil, wire
Minié Balls: Lead
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